Slot Machine Terms

Bonus Multiplier Slots - machines that offer larger jackpots for playing the maximum coins.

Fill - when the hopper is empty a fill is called for which is an attendant who refills the hopper with coins to allow the payout to proceed.

Hopper - this is where the coins are held within a machine.

Loose/Tight Slots - Loose slots have a higher payout over a period of time. Usually achieved by having more payout symbols. The opposite is true for tight slots.

Multiplier Slots - pays on a graduating scale. For example, win 4 coins for playing 1 coin, 8 coins for playing 2 coins and 12 coins for playing 3 coins.

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Pay Line - used to be the middle line but can now be straight across the screen or diagonal depending on the number of lines that can be played. Symbols must line up on the pay line in order to win.

Reels - display wheels showing the symbols and usually three to five per machine.

RNG - the random number generator which is a computer chip inside a slot machine. It is constantly generating thousands of numbers every second.

Symbols - pictures or icons that appear on the reels, depending on the branding of the machine.

Slot Schedule - the details usually at the top of a slot machine detailing the type of machine, denomination and payout details.