Cryptologic Progressive Slot Jackpots

Marvel Heroes Slots

Marvel Heroes Slots are a range of slots including Blade, DareDevil, Captain America, The Punisher, Silver Surfer, Spider Man and others that all share progressive jackpots. These jackpots tend to go off every few hours so you might think they are only small ones. That is not the case though as there are enough slots contributing to the jackpots that they grow quite quickly. Like other progressive jackpot machines you need to be playing the maximum coins to have a chance. Check these ones out if you like the look of the lastest themed video slots and enjoy reliving the memories of reading these comics or watching them on television and at the movies.

Best bets for casinos using Cryptologic software are:

Millionaires Club

This is one big progressive slot machine. Everything about this slot machine is big, with five reels, nine paylines and plenty of extras including scatters, wild symbols and a bonus round. Millionaires Club has everything you need in an up to date online slot machine from the trusted casino software developers at Cryptologic.

Best bets for casinos using Cryptologic software are:

Rags To Riches

Rags to Riches is a great example of a classic three reel, one payline online slot machine. No confusing page long instructions for this one. There is only one coin choice, being 1.00 although you do get up to three coins per spin with the payouts increasing as the amount wagered increases. The progressive nature of the jackpot at Rags to Riches makes this an attractive option for when you just need a break from the advanced video slots.

Best bets for casinos using Cryptologic software are:

Triple Olives - $1

Triple Olives 1.00 is a straight forward online slot machine with a very easy to view interface without all the complications of many of today's video slots. Picture an old style traditional slot machine with all the simple graphics and sounds and you have a good idea of what the Triple Olives slot machine is all about. Available in 1.00 and 0.25 (see below) denominations you have a chance to win some large progressive jackpots with the larger coin size. Just remember to be playing maximum coins for a chance at the jackpot.

Triple Olives - 25c

Triple Olives 0.25 is the same as the 1.00 slot machine with a smaller coin size for those that don't have the large bankroll, however, you still like the thrill of going after a progressive jackpot that increases in size with every play. Triple Olives is a no-nonsense online slot machine that will keep you playing for a long time simply because it is easy and enjoyable to play.

Best bets for casinos using Cryptologic software are: