Scary Online Slot Casino Games to Try

Scary Online Slot Casino Games

The most exciting thing about online slot games is that there is a great variety. In fact, you will be able to find so many themes, symbols, bonus features, and more. This means that you will never run out of options.

One of those most exciting themes is the horror theme. A lot of people love playing scary online slot casino games because it gives them a rush and gets that blood pumping. At the same time, these games come with some symbols that suit the overall theme of the game. That’s not all; players are guaranteed many winning opportunities, all thanks to the many features such as multipliers, wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins features, and more.

In this post, we have decided to share with you, some of the scary online slots that you can play today at high roller online casinos. Enjoy playing and win some real money today!

Scary Online Casino Slot Games: Blood Suckers

If you have seen those vampire movies from the 90s, then you already know what type of game this is. In fact, from the name itself, you can already expect to see some vampires sucking some blood. In this slot game, you can expect to see some fangs dripping of some blood.

For the longest time now, vampire themes slots have been a favourite among many gamblers. Therefore, it is no surprise that NetEnt decided to create this slot game. This video slot game comes with 5 reels, 3 rows, as well as 25 paylines. It also has some great features that will surely improve your chances of winning.


For those that have no idea, Transylvania is Dracula’s home town. Yes, we are talking about Dracula, the legendary vampire. Therefore, you can expect this slot game to have theme-appropriate symbols, as well as some great features.